Emotions infuse the creations. Emotions that evoke from the simplistic nature lines, the beauty and heritage of Cyclades. Emotions that are transformed to functional and decorative, minimal yet bold creations that also evoke emotions to recipients. An artform. 

kn ceramics story

The creation process includes stoneware clay, emotions and inspiration driven from the simplicity of the Cycladic scenery. At her studio “Kerameio”, since 2014, the ceramist Natasa Kalogeropoulou, follows shapes and forms of malleable clay. Elegant and unique hand crafted objects of everyday life: sculptures, utility items, jewelry. Each piece is a work of art.

Her creations are exhibited in the Museum of Cycladic Art. She has also collaborated with artists in Greece and internationally. Along with her collection, creations from acclaimed Greek ceramists are exhibited at her studio “Kerameio”

kn ceramics story
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Natasa Kalogeropoulou is a Greek ceramist that lives and works in Serifos island. She draws on the amazing Aegean view of “Kerameio” balcony, where her studio is located. Eyes resting on the Aegean Sea where hands are constantly shaping clay. 

«Clay is material of constant exploration between unlimited possibilities and norms that encourages me to get a better understanding on nature and also myself” This is how the artist describes her passion about clay.