Monochrome dinnerware is characterized by simple, clean lines and comes in a variety of shapes, inspired by primitive life in Serifos Island. Every collection is available in earthy tones in off-white, grey, olive, rusty brown and black color in matte stony textures. Color combinations are also available. The collection style is simple, elegant and natural. 

kn ceramics dinnerware
kn ceramics dinnerware
kn ceramics dinnerware


White dinnerware in various shapes and forms, inspired by fish bones. Each item of the collection is unique with diverse thin blue lines in an elegant matte glazing.  This diversity of blue lines creates a senses of motion on the table. 

kn ceramics dinnerware
kn ceramics dinnerware


Off-white dinnerware inspired by time stop. Free forms yet geometrical and circular patterns. Each piece of the collection is unique with unsymmetrical shades in black and green, in matte stony texture. The result of the dinnerware set on table is a natural sculpted marble rock, a pure joy to look at.

kn ceramics dinnerware

PETRA_dinnerware collection


Dinnerware in white with blue lines that comes in oval and round shapes, inspired by the Cyclades. The bright blue lines, in matte are uneven and unsymmetrical as every item is a complement piece of the range. The rough blue lines are perfectly capturing the pure essence of Greek summer.  


Monochrome dinnerware in geometrical forms. Cylindrical, rectangular and conical shapes along with engraved lines forming rough mechanical sketches. Every collection comes in different colors such as off-white, grey, olive, rusty brown and black color in lovely matte stony texture. This fine collection is ideal for those who admire the architecture of nature. Coming Soon


Two-tone dinnerware in black and blue inspired by the deep colors of the Aegean Sea. The blue glazed texture on the inside creates a balance with the smooth matte texture on the outside, crafting a coherent identity that brings the sea to your table. Coming Soon


Multi colored dinnerware that represents the diverse and beautiful doors of houses in villages in the Cyclades. Thin shapes, geometrical and unsymmetrical forms all in balance. On the inside, glazed red, tile, yellow, blue, and white color harmoniously blend with grey matte finishing on the outside. Color combinations are available creating a strong sense of happiness during dinner time. Coming Soon